Monday, November 25, 2013

Miracles Come in Small Packages

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that when I could talk about "Jane" and her future family, I would.  For those who are new, or don't remember, "Jane" is the child we hoped to adopt.  She's a tiny little girl with a congenital brain defect and a giant spirit.  This did not come to pass because of a medical complication that rendered us unable to qualify to adopt from Jane's country.  But I promised an update on her when I knew if she was going to be adopted by another family.  I will post more about this later, when this family has come forward and their FSP is ready for donations on Reece's Rainbow, but I am absolutely thrilled to share that "Jane" has a family.  I can talk about her now!  Her RR advocacy name is Janna, and this is her profile.

Janna lives in an Eastern European country and is confined to a bed all the time because she can't walk.  It was the sincerest desire of my heart to adopt Janna.  I often cry when I talk about her still.  Not because I'm sad I can't adopt her (though I'm not thrilled about that aspect) but because I believe she's so special.  More than any of us know yet.  I am so excited to say that a family has committed to bring Janna home!

I spoke previously that another family wanted to bring Janna home if they were approved on their homestudy for two children.  They were.  But, other wheels were already in motion, and they generously stepped aside for another family, one who has been talking to me about Janna for months, since I first started this international adoption journey.  This sweet family wanted to make sure I was mom enough for the girl they loved :)  I think I passed muster for them, but I could feel in my heart that they still loved Janna and wanted to bring her home very much.  They had recently adopted from Russia, immediately before the ban, and felt they weren't yet prepared for another adoption.  Prayerfully, they stepped aside for another family, us, to put our papers in for Janna.  When that didn't happen, and the second family also began to falter on some issues, this family stepped back in and said, 'we are putting our fears aside and now we will go and do.'  I love them so much for moving on this right now.

When they have a page up for donations, I will be sharing Janna again, because she needs to come home so much.  I can't wait to see her after pictures!  I know they're going to be amazing.  This is the very best thing for her and I'm so thrilled to play even a small part of it.  


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