Thursday, January 23, 2014

Current Fundraisers

I said I would include a post about our current fundraisers, and so I will.


My newest fundraiser is really a lot of fun.  I've seen how much you guys love to name children!  I've seen it everywhere.  A few of you know this, but I think most of you don't. I'm a multi-published fiction author in several different genres. I have a fundraiser that gives you the opportunity to give something truly unique to the person who has everything. It's also a great chance to honor a loved one, tease a friend, or just see your name or favorite name in print. I have four books due in the next few months. And among those four books, I need 23 names for characters. I want you guys to pick those names. For a donation of $20 you get to the pick the name, a major personality trait, and when the book comes out you'll get a free copy (ebook is the best, but if you don't have an ereader, we can work something out) sent to you or the person you named the character after.

We do have an FSP with Reece's Rainbow, but for this particular fundraiser, we'd prefer donations to be sent to our youcaring account. Please PM me with your name! I'm really excited to do this and I can't wait to see the names you guys come up with.

I haven't had any name suggestions yet!  I can't write without them.  And if I don't write, my publishers are gonna get really mad.  And then I'll have to blame you guys ;)  So let's just make it easier for everyone and start picking names! 


We have 150 envelopes on a chart. Each envelope has a number on it. Inside the envelope there's information about our sons. We know a lot about them.  We are very, very blessed in that both of our children have advocates and volunteers, loving adults who know them personally, who are in contact with us regularly.  This is not something most people get the blessing of having.  But through these exchanges, we know so much more about our boys than a regular set of adopting parents.  We can't tell you their real names or exact birthdays, but we can tell you all about their incredibly cool personalities. The lower envelopes have simple information. The higher ones have complex information. Like stories about Wayne and Daniel. The 150th envelope has their pictures in it.  But we can not share it publicly until we have final approval for adoption from their country.

Once someone picks the number and donates the amount written on the envelope, we will share the information about one of the boys that is inside. We will share it on our blog and on our Facebook page, Adding Andersons. At the end of the envelopes, everyone will know so much about why we chose these two amazing boys, believe me, it will be obvious, and we'll be able to show you their pictures.

Once we have all the envelopes filled, we will do a random drawing for a Kindle Fire, a 100 dollar Amazon gift card, or another prize of an equal value, just because we love all of you guys so much and appreciate all that you do.  This isn't a raffle.   It's just a nice thank you. 

Maybe some of the bigger envelopes you could get donations from friends and donate together.  Even if you can't fill the envelope immediately, commit to one, and try to raise the number on the outside by Valentine's Day.  Please comment on which envelope you would like and plan to send your donations here to

Just for reference, these are the envelopes that have already been chosen and filled. 1, 2, 17, 19, 20, 40, 50 and envelope 150.  So that's A LOT of available envelopes and a lot of really fun information we can share about two of the coolest kids in China!  I will start a permanent post with the information from these envelopes already chosen tomorrow as well as adding a visual. 


I don't love bumper stickers, to be honest.  But these have my favorite quote in the world on them.  They are perfect for teachers, daycare workers, adoptive parents, bio parents, people who love their parents, people who love children, anyone at all, any day, everyday.  

It's really that basic of a bumper sticker.  White with plain black writing, so that you can easily read an appreciate this incredibly deep quote by Frederick Douglass that explains why we do everything we do.  We hope to build strong children, who will grow into strong men and women.  If you, like us, feel like this is everyone's best contribution you can make to the world, slap one of these bumper stickers on your car.  $5 a sticker, free shipping, sent all at once, so it might be a few weeks while we complete the order.

Thanks again for reading and for following our journey!

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