Saturday, June 21, 2014

Good news!

At this point we have soft LOA.  That means that, basically, China has approved us.  However, we don't have the hardcopy of that Letter of Approval yet, which means we can't move on to the next step, with American immigration, until we have that.  We expect to see it very soon.  Honestly, we expected it several days ago.  We've had soft LOA for over a week.  But that seems to be the pattern of this entire adoption.  We expect things to happen much sooner than they do.  But in a non expedite there's typically around 9 days between soft and hard.  Tuesday we'll be there, so the hope is we are talking very soon. 

That means that we're probably somewhere around three weeks, give or take, until travel approval.  It's so hard to know with an expedite because sometimes they hurry and sometimes they don't.  We've moved on to 'getting real' stuff, like setting up bunk beds and getting a hold of clothes for both boys.  I will pack their suitcases soon, just so they are ready and I have less I have to do to get ready.

Another very exciting thing.  We have been offered a FOUR THOUSAND DOLLAR matching grant.  So when our Reece's Rainbow FSP, listed here, , reaches $11,436, we will receive another $4,000.  This is HUGE for us.  We desperately need this money, as you may have guessed from our previous post lol.  So, with that matching grant in mind, we wanted to present all of our fundraisers again in one place.


We have personalized beach towels.  Embroidered.  They come in about twelve colors and I can get other colors if people are really into it.  But they might not be as nice as the normal towels.  These things are plush!
5 feet long, about 2.5 feet across, EXTREMELY plush.  These are usable all year long and they definitely won't get lost at the pool!  $16 plus shipping, or play it safe and pay $18 shipped!

Custom jewelry pieces!

A gorgeous blue and gold necklace with a flower in the center.  Love this thing!  $25 shipped.  Blow up the pictures and take a good look!  You're going to love this one!

We also have this adorable teal round bracelet.  Is this thing too cute or what? $20 shipped.

For those who have liked the gorgeous jewelry we've been selling the last few weeks, you will want to check this one out.  These were made by a New Mexico artisan named Jennifer Radcliffe, who is so, so talented.  I have a $100 gift certificate for a custom made creation from Jennifer Radcliffe.  Save A LOT by picking this one up for only $60.

We've been making these pillowcase dresses and pant suits as a fourth of July fundraiser.  It's a bit on the late side for that now, but we are still offering them in any kind of fabric you want to suit your summer cuteness needs.  I've seen some TOTALLY adorable pink and green chevron.  Just sayin' ;)  Check them out!  I have patterns from 2T up to size 8.

Soon, within the next day or two, I will be offering up a new Swinter auction!  What's Swinter?  Aside from being an episode of Phineas and Ferb, it's also an amalgamation of summer and winter.  It's a winter sale in summer!  We have so many great blankets, baby hats and jackets for sale.   So keep an eye out!  Thanks so much for considering helping us meet our $4,000 grant!



  1. Wow, awesome! You're getting there one frustrating step at a time. :-)

  2. So glad to hear about the grant!! Have you heard anymore from Wayne's orphanage? Praying his health holds up until you get him and that his orphanage will be patient!!

  3. Yes, Crystal! Lol. Definitely one frustrating step at a time is right! Sara, at the moment he's hanging in there. Hopefully, everything will keep moving albeit slower than I hoped. It's in God's hands, but we're doing all we can. We're down to 3k left on our 4k matching grant.

  4. Love your story and would love to help by purchasing some towels. What color do you offer them in?

  5. Glad you asked! Thanks for your interest and I will post the answers here, so that everyone can see them. We have white, tan, kind of a pale teal color, coral, light purple, apple green, mid range purple, light blueish gray, dark brown, and black!