Thursday, July 10, 2014

Skirting the Issue...

Get some new stuff to try and bolster up our matching grant. We have one skirt in this style in the following sizes, size 4/5, size 6/6X, size 7/8, and size 10. Each one comes with a matching skirt for an American Girl sized doll. The two skirts together are $15 plus $3 shipping to my FSP Remember there's only one set in each size so be sure to let me know which size you want and forward your receipt! Thanks!


  1. Praying you get your TA soon and Wayne's health holds up. Thanking God your matching grant has been met!

  2. Yes! So exciting it's been met! Our adoption is now paid for, but we still need to raise money for travel. Because it's summer we're looking at another 10-13k lol but still, big news to have the official adoption part done. TA should be soon. If it wasn't for the visa issues the world over it would probably be within a week. We expect our 800 to hit the National Visa Center early next week.