Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Someday my Prince...TA...Will Come

So...we are down to the wire!  All we are waiting on is TA, travel approval, and we'll be off to get our boys.  We've got a teensy little problem though.  Actually, it's about eleven thousand problems.  Our adoption itself is paid for, but our travel is not funded at all!  We need around $5K to be fully funded food, in country transportation, all the random people we are apparently supposed to be tipping on our trip, and carrying cash in case there's an emergency.

With that in mind, we have a new fundraiser we hope will be very successful.  And, hey you all are probably excited to hear this, it will be one of our last fundraisers!  (Mainly because we are running out of time, but hey, take the good news and run with it.)

We have already done a quilt contest as I'm sure some of you may remember.  Whoever offered a donation of ten dollars or more had their names thrown in a hat for a quilt made by this lady.  Remember her?  She's a true artist in my opinion.  Actually, literally.  It isn't an opinion thing.  She's an artist.  She has a degree in art from Texas Tech.  Mind...blown.  Anyway, her quilts are amazing.

So, that being shown, here's what we're up to.  Yeah, it's summer.  I feel you.  You think my Swinter (Wummer?) blanket contest is crazy!  It's all good.  Summer is almost over.  And everyone loves a good blanket!  And these are great blankets!  Cue the applause and excitement!

These blankets are high quality quilts made with care and excellent fabrics.  These quilts cost approximately 100.00 to 150.00 dollars per quilt to make.  Excellent handmade quilts usually retail in the two hundred dollars and up range.  Every donation of $15 or more, will be dropped into our hat for one of the following quilts.  Like our last contest, this will require 50 entries before we give away the quilts.  If you make a donation of fifteen dollars or more to our FSP, found here http://reecesrainbow.org/70645/sponsoranderson-2 please let me know so I can put your names in the drawing.  So why don't we get on to what I know you all want to see. 

Items 1-3.   

Three quilts made by Darlene C, the woman who made the amazing quilts above!  The quilts will be 4 feet by 4 feet.  Best suited for a twin bed or a lap quilt.  Below are the quilts Darlene C. made for our last quilt contest.  As you can see, they are amazing.  Darlene is willing to make quilts to specifications ASSUMING that she has available fabric in the colors or styles you're wanting.  She's pretty accommodating, though. 

Once again, these are not the actual quilts you'll be getting.  These are someone else's quilts.  You'll be getting your own blankets made to your tastes.  The blankets above are just more samples of Darlene's actual work.  

Item 4

The Fall Quilt!  I don't know what this is really called, but I like to call it the fall quilt.  Or the man quilt sometimes haha.  This is a twin/full sized quilt, made in gorgeous fall colors.  Personally, I would use it for myself, but there is a certain masculine flavor to this one if you're looking for a male present.  

Love it.  Fall colors are my favorite!!  I can't wait for fall!  Whoa.  Now that my random excitement is over, let's move on.  

Item 5

A traditional quilt in your favored colors.  I don't have any pictures, because it isn't made yet!  We're making it for you, yo.  Under the careful fingers of a bunch of church ladies, this quilt will be all covered in love.  And excellent stitching work.  And possibly a tiny bit of Jello.  We are talking about a bunch of Mo ladies, here.  But mostly, love.  

Thanks for sharing!


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