Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Saturday marked one week home, and we decided to celebrate by going to the zoo.  To be honest, I wish I had more time to blog but I'm just extremely tired.  The boys are like babies, that are really big and much better at grabbing things they shouldn't have.  In the first couple of days they were home, Finn stuck a fork in the toaster, got a hold of a butcher knife he shouldn't have been able to reach and went gleefully running through the house with it, and found a handful of matches.  This last one is particularly perplexing to us, as we don't keep matches and haven't for almost 14 years.  So apparently Finn is so determined to remove himself from the gene pool that he's now pulling dangerous things from the ether lol.

The boys are fitting in pretty darn well.  I wouldn't call it a honeymoon, because they aren't shy about letting us know they aren't pleased, challenging our authority, or just plain being bratty, but they are also funny and charming and pretty naturally Andersons.

Having five kids isn't exponentially harder than having three.  The only very significant difference is how long it takes to get everyone in the car and out of the house.  Seth has been late to school every day for the last week! 

Saturday morning we packed everyone up and headed to the zoo to celebrate one week home.  We went with some family friends of ours and we got this group picture on a convenient bench.  The two girls in the pink belong to the Garcia family and are just adorable!  The rest are members of the Anderson clan!  On the bench, in order, Finn, Seth, Evie, and Jake, and Gillian is crouched on the ground.  I won't mention the names of the two girls, because I didn't ask their family for permission. 
It was super hot at the zoo even though it's cold a lot already, so kids immediately started getting lazy.  A wagon was definitely in order!
Finn and Gillian are sitting pretty in the zoo wagon, but the Garcias had a wagon too, and the littles weren't the only ones getting lazy!
Jake also enjoyed a little wagon down time.  Yes, his nails are painted red, and so are Finn's.  They saw me doing Evie and Gillian's nails and they definitely wanted to be a part of that lol.
We decided to take the time to watch the polar bears getting fed, which meant standing in front of the polar bear enclosure for nearly half an hour watching for the zoo keeper and his buckets of fish.  Here's how the kids felt about that.
Yes, they were less than impressed.  And yes, that's our nearly 14 year old being bored in a tiny wagon.  By the time the polar bears actually got fed, the kids seriously couldn't have cared less.  Here's the face most of them made.
When we finally left to get some ice cream, here's the face most of them made...
All in all, the most popular thing at the zoo was the wagons!!



  1. They say you have to attach like infants in those first few months....so the wagons make sense. :-)

  2. They really do ACT like infants in a lot of ways, so that makes sense.