Tuesday, September 15, 2015

One Year Ya'll

It's hard to believe, but it's been one year since we picked the boys up in their separate province in China.  I have a photo progression of each boy.  You might notice we have more photos in these progressions of Finn.  There's two reason for this.  One, we just have more pictures of Finn than Jake.  His orphanage is home of a lovely American woman who is kind enough to send many pictures of waiting children to their parents.  We have very few pictures of Jake before we picked him up.  The second reason is that Jake remains largely the same, still as cute as ever.  Finn has gone through many significant physical changes since we brought him home.  It's really stunning enough that I want to document it.  As far as I'm aware, I've listed these photographs in chronological order since the day we picked them up.

One year of Jake

These are the only few photos we have of Jake from a short time before he was adopted.  We do have some young pictures of him from when he was in foster care with Love Without Boundaries, but they are too young to represent the last year or shortly before.  Though I did include one that was done by the group on a Throw Back Thursday.

Here's the referral picture we saw on a blog.  This is the first photograph of Jake we ever saw.  It was part of a blog post written by the young man above in the gray shirt.  

Here he is, in chronological order, for the last year!

One Year of Finn

Finn has many pictures from the orphanage.  I'd like to share them because he was a sick, sick boy when he came home.  And seeing them shows so much more the impact of the way he looks now.

Here's what we would refer to as his referral picture.  This is the first picture we saw of him on a Facebook group for waiting Chinese children, along with a note saying he was actively dying and the orphanage believed his time was running out.

They were right.  Here's a chronological journey of Finn, from a sick little boy, to a transfusion dependent kid whose life is mostly normal!

These kids are making a family every day!

So happy One Year Family Day, to two of my favorite gifts!

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