Thursday, December 19, 2013

An Orphan's Worldwide Family

Janna's family has an FSP!  Janna, as you may recall, is the little girl who started us on our journey.  As it happened, we were not able to adopt from Janna's country.  But this sweet family, who shares our religion, our sense of humor, and our love for Janna, has stepped in and is bringing her home.

These guys are awesome and this child is so special.  I know I've said it before, and no doubt I will say it again lol.  This girl is a chosen one, a blessed child.  And now she's literally been chosen.  I know everyone has a hard time financially around this time of year, but if your New Year's resolution is to help change the
janna2013world, consider donating to this amazing girl and this equally amazing family.  There she is!  In a way, I will always consider her my sweet girl.  But I believe this is the unique situation of many orphans.  They have many mothers, many fathers, many hearts who love them deeply, even when reality makes it impossible to parent them.  It can only be to their benefit to have some many who pray for them and long for their safety and happiness.  I don't mind sharing my boy Daniel with anyone who has ever prayed for him and loved him from afar and wondered why he had yet to be chosen.  I hope that no one minds it when they bring their orphans home to a new family to remember they have a worldwide family.  So if you can spare a few bucks, please consider being a part of this girl's worldwide family, so she can be part of the Gillette family. 

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