Saturday, December 28, 2013

Who's preapproved? This family, right here

We got out preapproval back from Daniel's country.  We're in like Flynn.  Assuming Flynn were fat and trying to adopt from a country that cares whether or not Flynn was fat.  Or something...  Now we move on to the fun stuff, like prepping our dossier and finishing our homestudy.  Our next big financial goal is raising to 1,950 dollars to pay for the rest of our homestudy (some has already been paid) and the fees for filing our dossier.  So on that note, we're having a tee-shirt fundraiser.  This is one of my favorite quotes of all time and probably the primary reason why we adopt, although in no way is this an adoption specific shirt.  "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men"~Frederick Douglass.

They are long sleeve, ultra warm, and come in both men and women sizes.  You have to click the link on the description page to find the men sizes.  Only $20 bucks to look awesome, feel warm, and help out a kid who needs a family.

Also, if you are remotely interested in just donating, you'll note we have two donation buttons on the side.  One comes right to us, the link on the bottom for  We get all that money, straight away which is certainly helpful.  We can use it how we need to, for our dossier, agency fees or anything else adoption related.  The link on top is a family sponsorship profile on Reece's Rainbow.  We don't get that money until we get our LOA, or Letter of Approval, from Daniel's country.  This is our final approval.  Also, some of the money, about 10% is given to RR, which is a wonderful organization, to help adopt other children aside from Daniel.  The advantage to the top link, is that Reece's Rainbow is a tax deductible donation and you can claim it, if you donate that way. 

So anyway, on to the next section of our big adventure.  We have until mid-June to finish preparing our dossier.  But I have a feeling, from looking at the packet, that we will need all six months to do it!


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