Thursday, February 20, 2014

Good Deeds for the Day?

If you're looking for some good deeds for the day, here's a couple of good causes. 

Love Without Boundaries is an incredible program that had one of our sons, Daniel, in one of their foster homes for a few years.  They do great work helping sick orphans get the help they need and those with medical needs to get therapies, etc.  They also have a program, called the Unity Fund, designed to help parents in China who birth children with special needs to get the surgeries or services their children need so they can keep their babies instead of giving them away just to help them stay alive.  I love this and I wish there were more resources for parents to give them options besides abandonment. 

You can donate to their Unity Fund program at this link.

This is the blog of another family adopting from China and a good friend.  They are traveling in just a matter of weeks and running some fundraisers to help make up the final dollars they need.  This tee-shirt fundraiser here and these two fundraisers on this page

So if you are out there in the world tonight, looking or a way to make a difference, check these links out!


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