Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Easter Blessings

I'd like to tell you about the Smith family.  I have a lot of affection for this family.  They are adopting "Barry", an absolutely precious boy with some mobility issues, but he makes up for his lack of motion with an enormous personality.  I will flat out tell you guys that I adore Barry, and we strongly considered adopting him, but when we finally decided that he was a child we'd like to pursue, we received word back that his file was locked and another family had already decided to proceed with him!  That family was the wonderful Smith family, and I'm so glad that Barry will have such a wonderful home! 

The Smith's are one of the many tragic families barred from adopting their precious Russian children when the adoption ban came down.  Their sweet daughter is still trapped in Russia and they still wait for her.  But after more than a year, they realized they still have room in their home and hearts, even with waiting for the day when she can come home.

They are raising money for their adoption by doing a wonderful Easter fundraiser.  My in laws like to do this activity every Easter that my children love.  They fill a Styrofoam egg container with plastic eggs and when each is opened, it has some object that symbolizes the death and resurrection of Christ.  My children never get tired of this simple activity and look forward to it every year when it's time again to discuss our Easter blessings. 

The Smith's have made this felt flip book with pages for each aspect of the Easter miracle.  The front is beautifully embroidered with the words "He is Risen."  I copied and pasted their whole blog post about the fundraiser below, but follow this link for ordering information. 


Easter Fundraiser

My mother-in-law gave our family a felt "Jesse Tree" several years ago.  It included a book with devotions leading up to Christmas and a tin full of felt pieces.  Every day we would read scripture, go through the devotion, and the kids would place the appropriate felt piece on the tree.  It is now one of our favorite Christmas traditions. 

I have been wanting to do something similar for Easter and I finally put it together!  It will start on Palm Sunday and go through Easter Sunday.  Each day will include reading one or two verses, reading a short devotion, and placing the correct felt piece on the banner.  I have added additional verses for older children referencing the Old Testament.  This is the perfect Easter devotion for PreK - 6th grade.

After all of the felt pieces are added on Good Friday, the banner will be covered in black.
On Sunday, the last banner will be turned over.  
He Is Risen!

A dear friend has offered to embroider "He Is Risen!" and it is beautiful.  It can be displayed
for several weeks after Easter as a great reminder of our Risen Lord.
The devotional book with be a flip-book.  I include the reference verse but I did not type the verse in the book.  I love helping children open their Bible to search for verses.  For younger children, I believe it leaves a lasting impact to see Mom, Dad, Grandma open the Bible and read straight from God's Word.
Orders will be shipped between March 26th and April 4th.    Please make sure address is correct on PayPal to receive package before Easter.  Please contact me if you are local and I will not include shipping.  Thank you for helping us bring our boy home!

$35 donation, includes shipping.


So please check out their beautiful felt books and their sweet son, "Barry"!


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