Monday, April 28, 2014

Save a Sole!

Friends and relatives. We are looking to find people to help us with a project! No money involved, just a little time (and a little rubber and shoelaces.) We are running two shoe drop off points for Project Sole here in New Mexico. But a couple of people have asked us if they could do a smaller collection where they live and have it still be credited to us. The answer is yes! Project Sole collects used shoes in GOOD condition and sends them on to third world countries where it may well be the first pair of shoes a resident there has ever owned! Project Sole returns adoption grant funds to us as a result of the shoes we collect. There's literally NO ONE who doesn't win in this scenario. Thousands of pounds of used sneakers are dropped in landfills every year! You can help reduce waste, help get shoes for those who desperately need them, and help us pay for our adoption! This is a perfect opportunity for boys looking to get their Eagle Scout and for Personal Progress projects! Comment below if you are interested in setting up a small donation bin or neighborhood donation drive for gently used shoes! We will be so appreciative for even the smallest box of shoes, and so will the person who avoids getting one of the two thousand parasites and diseases found in the soil in many third world countries!

No worries about the cost of sending them, either.  Project Sole will forward you prepaid boxes if you collect shoes.  Thanks!


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  1. So how do I get a box? Was helping another family with shoes and they don't want anymore. I have several garbage bags full of shoes to donate. julievilardo @ gmail