Saturday, September 6, 2014

Daily Tally

I think it might be fun to do a daily tally of where we are and where we need to be with our fundraising efforts.  We are starting today with a new Fully Funded total because of a PayPal donation. $21,591 is our new goal. Currently we need $5,772 to reach our goal. I know we've already fundraised a lot. 15k worth! But we're down to the wire. And we can't wait because of this sweet face. I got this picture this morning. Yes, he's adorable. Yes, he's smiling. But it doesn't take a lot to see how sick he is. Please consider our fundraisers or share!  You can follow along with our totals in the corner on the Reece's Rainbow bar.  Thank you so much for helping us go these last few miles!!  And prayers are always much appreciated!


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