Friday, September 5, 2014

Excitement and Stress!

Okay guys, exciting stuff and stressful stuff! Exciting stuff! We leave next Friday!!!!  One week!!!  We got our Chinese visas today. They look so cool! Maybe I'm just excited by simple stuff, but I dig it. I have a lot of trouble conceptualizing things before they happen and I always have. Until that baby comes out, I have a lot of trouble believing it's real lol. So getting my visa today was one of those moments. This is real! Stressful stuff... We need to be at $21,741 to be fully funded. That means that $6058 lies between us and complete funding. We can leave and hope for the best in about another $3000. We need 41 more donations before we can draw from tier one. Any donation of $15 or above will be entered into a drawing for gorgeous quilts. You can see more info on our blog or make your donations here If you own a business, the fiscal year is almost over. Consider making a tax deductible donation at this same address and have an instant write off! 

Because tier 2 has had no entries, I am disbanding tier two and selling each blanket individually.  Please consider a blanket for a loved one who just looks like they need some warming up, or please share!!

 Build a Bear Quilt $15

Do you have a daughter who loves to build herself some friends?  I have two of them!!  Check out this adorable toddler or crib sized blanket with licensed Build a Bear material.  Friends Furever!!  $15 plus $5 shipping.

Baby Bundle!! $25

Got a sweet little one, or one on the way?  This is a great deal and so sweet and perfect!!  Sweet yellow baby blanket, crib or toddler bed sized, with lovely flowers in each corner.  The matching hat is made for a newborn, so it won't last forever, but this blanket will have years of use in it and become a sweet family heirloom!  Small flannel car seat quilt.  Perfect for tucking around your little ladybug on a cold morning in the car!  Plus two bonus newborn sized hats, pink and green with an adorable flower.  This is so cute and a great baby shower present value, too!!  $25 plus $7 shipping.  

Thanks everyone for helping us get this far and helping us go the final miles to bring home our boys!!



  1. I would love to buy the cowboy quilt!! My email is corinalv at yahoo dot com.