Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Probably About Time For an Update

For those who do not know, we are adopting again.  For some reason, we haven't had a lot to say this particular adoption.  We are adopting a five year old girl from China.  She has Down Syndrome and strabismus (crossed eyes) so we probably have some glasses or eye surgeries in our future.  She's from the same orphanage as Jake is from.  This is actually interesting and a bit unusual in their case because it's a small, rural orphanage, and they only prepare a few files a year.  As it happens, we just got lucky enough to have two kids from this particular orphanage.  Unlike either of our boys, she's living in foster care.  That has ups and downs.  I'm excited she's been getting attention.  I'm sad to take her away from a family situation.

We are in the latter end of the adoption at this point.  We're already logged in to the China system.  We're waiting on our Letter of Acceptance.  Once we have that, it's just a few months between there and travel.  At this point, we anticipate travel in late February or even March.  Of course, there's no way we can know for sure.  China will do what they will, and we just are along for the ride.  But there's a general pattern these things follow, so we'll see how it all hammers out.

We are hoping to take the whole family when we go.  In any situation, Jake will go.  He is very fond of China and of his orphanage in particular, and still misses it after two years.  We think it will be really good for him to visit again.  We're hoping to take the other kids because we're aware this is our last adoption, and probably the last time we'll make it to China for a number of years.  I know everyone always says it's their last adoption, and then they adopt six more, but for those that don't know, Mike and I both have autoimmune disorders, and while they are under control, we're always aware that if we take on too much we could hurt ourselves, and thus hurt our children.  We know our limitations, and feel that six is the number for us, where we can still give each of our children the care and attention they need.  So if we become independently wealthy and can afford to hire a cook and a live in maid, then we'll talk, but otherwise, this is it for us.  So, accordingly, we hope everyone can experience the trip this time.

We just wanted to update everyone who might be curious about what we're up to here in the Anderson Abode.


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