Thursday, January 19, 2017

Make a Wish Trip

It's been a full year since Finn went on his Make a Wish trip, but I'm just now getting to writing the post about it, because that's how I roll.  Really slowly, and mostly downhill...

Finn's real wish was to take his family to China and specifically to reproduce the places we went on the adoption trip, but with all of his siblings.  Each state is funded by the state itself, and like New Mexico, Make a Wish New Mexico isn't made of money.  They couldn't afford to send us to China because just the flights would have been over ten thousand.  Some conversation led to the conclusion that what he really wanted was to share his culture with his siblings.  So instead we went to Chinatown in LA for Chinese New Year 2016.

Jake and Finn on the plane

Silliness at McDonald's waiting for our hotel room to be ready.

Finn really enjoyed the festivities and so did we!

The staff of LA Chinatown were fantastic and so nice to us.  They were like family by the time we left LA.

Finn's favorite restaurant is called Medieval Times.  Sadly, we live far from any branch of the restaurant and we can only go sometimes when we're visiting another state.  While we were in LA, the people from MAWNM set it up for Finn to attend a show and dinner at Medieval Times in Anaheim.  The people at the show went out of their way to make it special for him and it was very sweet.  He was beyond stoked that our knight won, which has never happened before. 

We were able to visit Universal Studios in Hollywood before leaving LA.  They had a large Chinese New Year display and I was really tickled by the Mandarin speaking Transformers.  

Finn had a great time and we really appreciate all that Make A Wish does for families facing hard medical challenges.  Not only was it good for Finn, but it was crazy for us to not be in charge of everything and fighting for him all the time. 

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