Monday, May 26, 2014

Gorgeous Jewelry for a Good Cause!

We've got some gorgeous jewelry up for purchase to help benefit our adoption.  Take a look below. 

Thank you to artisan Jennifer Radcliffe for designing and creating several pieces of custom jewelry to benefit our adoption!

Navy, blue and orange silver plated necklace. A gorgeous custom piece created by Jennifer Radcliffe. $30 plus shipping. Absolutely beautiful close up. Click and see! Comment below and I will send you an invoice. Thanks!


Gorgeous turquoise drop earrings. Beautiful stuff! $18 shipped. Comment below and I'll send you an invoice!

I LOVE these! Large Filigree Green Earrings. These are another wonderful donation from Jennifer Radcliffe! $20 plus shipping. Comment below for an invoice! Thanks!

Red Gold Borderless Pendent. This will come on a necklace and is so cute! $15 plus shipping. Comment below for an invoice. Thanks!

Teal round bracelet. Close up details are adorable! Another custom creation donated by Jennifer Radcliffe. $18 plus shipping. Comment below for an invoice.

 Another gorgeous, heavy faux turquoise necklace. Nice, edgy modern look combined with lovely New Mexico detailing. $20 shipped. Comment below for an invoice. Thanks!

 I've got three of these traditional, but a little bit fun, turquoise necklaces! $20 a piece shipped. Comment for an invoice

 This is the last and most exciting thing! All this gorgeous custom jewelry is the tip of the iceberg! Get the kind of custom piece you're looking for. Made just for you! $100 gift certificate for custom jewelry from Jennifer Radcliffe, available for $60. Comment below for an invoice. Don't miss this one! This lady makes amazing jewelery!

Thanks for looking!


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  1. I would like the long heavy turquoise necklace for 20. Is it still available? If so can you send me an invoice?