Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I'll Walk With You

So. We should be getting pretty close to traveling to China to pick up our boys. It's turned out to be very fast. Much faster than we anticipated when we first started our journey. This is a map between our home in New Mexico and the province of one of our boys in China. There's 7632 miles between here and the first province. And then another 943 miles between provinces. That's 8575 miles between us and our precious boys. We would love to see every member of our family or our friends to donate one dollar, each to represent one mile, (or more if you like, I won't stop you lol) so that, later, when they can understand us better, we can explain about all the people who walked these 8575 with us to help them come home. I will update a map with every dollar donated from this point forward, and illustrate on the map how close we are getting to our destination. Please join us in our journey and add one mile towards our destination. Each name of the person who donates will be written on the side of our map so that the boys can see it and know every name that walked with us! Updates for where we are on the map will be posted on our Adding Andersons page. Thanks for your support!

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