Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Imagine you are brilliant at math and science.  Some day you hope to work as a scientist.  You have untapped potential.  It's not just that you are at the head of your class.  For you, math and science are a gift.  You understand concepts others can't hope to pick up on without help, if they ever manage to understand.  The field is open to you with endless possibilities.  There's no question you have skills that could help change the world! 

Now imagine that you can't get into good schools because your family isn't the right kind of family.  Imagine you couldn't get good jobs, because you didn't have a name that is 'approved' or 'appropriate'.  It sounds like some weird version of a YA novel dystopian future.  Really, it's this boy's future in his native country.  

I'd like to introduce you to Bill.  Bill is a 13 year old boy, waiting for his family in China.  He's a health boy.  Brilliant child.  A whiz at math and science.  He communicates well, is a sweet kid who is easy to get along with.  He's super with computers and like to study.  Bill is a quiet guy, but he's expressive.  In his free time, when he's not busy being a genius, Bill likes to watch Transformers and other movies.  

But Bill's got an issue.  He wants to be a scientist or work with math, maybe theoretical stuff you or I can't hope to follow.  However, his options will be few.  Why?  Because he's an orphan.  They are given last names when they are found.  Those names are not traditional family names.  They are fabricated ones that everybody in the country knows are fake names.  Orphan names.  Not 'good' family names.  Not names that belong to people you hire for jobs.  Not the kind of names you let into a good school, or promote to an important position, if he can even find a placement.  This is not an exaggeration.  Even if this boy could pull himself up by his own bootstraps, he will never escape the stigma of 'orphan'.  It might as well be stamped on his forehead.  

Here is a boy with endless potential with an abrupt end to his possibilities.  He will age out in a little over four months!  That's so little time to give this child the chances he deserves!  Without a family, a period will be added to the end of his story before it even gets started.  

Bill needs a family who is probably already in process.  We have seen it done in that much time from scratch, but it's a very high stakes situation and you'd have to push hard to be there in time!  This boy is amazing!  He could do so much if just given a chance.      

Here's a sample of information that was written about him by a fellow advocate

~~His favorite animal is an elephant. His favorite food is fruit- he loves grapes. In the past, he was scared to be adopted, but he has seen and watched so many of his friends be chosen for adoption and leave. He now has a better understanding of adoption and wants a family too. Madison Adoption Associate's China representative has spoken with him about what adoption means and what it means to age out and he understands and wants to be adopted. His orphanage said he is a very good student and a very good boy. Bill will likely need a family in process to move forward for him.~~

Bill speaks a little English and is so smart it probably wouldn't take him much to learn more when he was home.  Here's this sweet guy

Bill is on the shared list.  So that means that any agency can work his file.  Please spread the word and pray for Bill.  He needs our help to change his world so he can change the whole world!  Message me with any questions, until I can find a better contact for him!  


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